Video Game Hanjie #2

Here we have a free, printable hanjie puzzle of the video game variety. This puzzle uses yellow and black. If you are a gamer and you love Disney, then there is a good chance you won’t have a problem figuring out what game(s) the finished picture comes from.

I don’t have a tutorial or instructions on how to complete a hanjie puzzle. I fear I would become tongue tied and confused trying to explain it myself. I do know that there are some good posts on the web that you can search for and check out.

Click on the links below to get the puzzle and/or the answer.



Have fun!

Video Game Hanjie #1

There are some video game graphics that you would just know anywhere. I hope in the free hanjie puzzle download you will quickly recognize the graphic and the game it hails from. This hanjie puzzle is one single color. Remember, when doing hanjie puzzles, it is a good idea to mark the boxes that you are sure are empty with an x. This helps greatly in solving the puzzle.

Download the puzzle and/or answers using the links below. Enjoy!

Video Game Hanjie #1

Video Game Hanjie #1 Answers