The Flash Framework Puzzle

This Flash puzzle contains mostly character names with a few actor names. There are some words that aren’t names, but rather have something to do with the T.V. show The Flash. I love this show and think that Grant Gustin (Barry Allen a.k. The Flash) is completely adorkable! If you haven’t watched the show you need to.


As far as framework puzzles go, this one is pretty simple. There are two different puzzle files for download. The only difference is the “small print” download is on 1 sheet with smaller boxes where the “medium print” download is on 2 sheets with larger boxes for the answers.



And of course, the answers.



Avengers Emblems: Hawkeye

If I say Hawkeye and your mind immediately goes to the TV show MASH, then you’re on the wrong blog post. This plastic canvas emblem is for Hawkeye, the archer in the Avengers. What would be better for his emblem than an archery target with an arrow across it.

Hawkeye pattern teaserDownload the pattern below and stitch as shown.

Hawkeye Emblem Pattern

Using size 7 plastic canvas will result in a 7 1/4 inch square whereas the pattern shows a square of just over 5 inches. The pattern was created on size 10 and if you choose to use that size you will need to remember to use a light weight yarn.


Avengers Emblems: The Hulk

When deciding what to do for the Hulk plastic canvas emblem, I went with the bio hazard design instead of the green fist. I will most likely revisit the Avengers emblems and do some of the other versions in the future.

As with the other Avengers emblems, the pattern was created on size 10 plastic canvas graph and so it shows the square being just over 5 inches. I stitch the majority of my plastic canvas on size 7 so the finished product comes out at about 7 1/4 inches.

hulk partial pattern

You’ll use three different shades of green for this one; spring green, paddy green, and hunter green. I forgot to put on the pattern the size you will cut, 51 x 51 holes. Download the full pattern using the link below.

Hulk Emblem Pattern

Have fun! Be sure to check out all the other Avengers emblems!

Avengers Emblems: Iron Man

I love Iron Man. I love his snarky attitude, his quick wit, and the fact that he holds no illusions about himself. That’s why the next Avengers emblem is this Iron Man plastic canvas.

Just like with Captain America, the pattern was created on size ten plastic canvas so if you use the standard size seven, like I did, it will be larger than the five inches shown on the pattern. It will be just over seven inches if using size seven canvas. Just remember that if you do choose to use size ten canvas, you will need to use a lighter weight yarn to stitch the pattern

iron man pattern paint jpeg

Download the pattern using the following link:

Iron Man Pattern

Have fun!


Minion Captain America Plastic Canvas

I love minions! They are adorable and funny and I want a whole army of them. Unfortunately they aren’t real. I suppose I will have to settle for making all the plastic canvas minions I can handle.

This fun little Avengers themed minion took me less than an hour to make from cutting to stitching.

captain america minionDownload the pattern below:

Minion Captain American Pattern

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Plastic Canvas Batman Emblem

I created this Batman plastic canvas to go along with the Superman plastic canvas I had previously done. These ended up being gifts for my twin nephews on their first birthday. There’s a running joke about how their dad wanted to name them Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. I’ve had fun with this and have given them other Batman and Superman themed gifts.

Batman and Superman Plastic CanvasYou’ll notice on the pattern that only the yellow part of the bat signal is done in a single tent stitch. The black is all done as gobelin stitches. I do this for two reasons: First, it is so much faster! Tent stitches take forever when you are working with a piece this large. Second, it makes the design pop when you switch the kind of stitches up a bit.

Batman plastic canvas pattern

Enjoy the pattern listed below for your downloading purposes!

Batman Plastic Canvas Pattern

Let me know in the comments how it goes!

Plastic Canvas Superman Emblem



Here is a fun plastic canvas project for the superhero fan in your life (or you, I know you want this for yourself but you just wont admit it)! I framed mine with a mat and simply removed the glass from the picture frame. You might decide to leave the glass in to keep the dust off the emblem. I wanted the texture of the stitching to be more visible and so left the glass out.

The link for the pattern is listed below:

Superman emblem


You’ll notice on the pattern that the blue border around the emblem is shown as single length tent stitches. To save time I stitched the blue to cover the length of the diagonal line. Doing so speeds up the process and makes the emblem stand out a bit more. You can do it as single length stitches, but it will take much more time.

The finished project will measure roughly 7 3/4 in wide x 6 1/8 in high. You can make this smaller by using 10 count plastic canvas instead of the standard 7 count.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with mine. Maybe my nephew will like it for his birthday. Maybe I’ll put it with something else and do a giveaway!

Happy crafting!

Let me know in the comments how it turns out!