Avengers Emblems: The Avengers

I think this was my favorite pattern to make out of all the Avengers plastic canvas emblems. I decided to go with the ombre look. I didn’t like how the change from the dark grey to the medium grey showed up, so I changed the pattern just a bit from how mine was done.

avengers paint pattern teaserYou can see in the partial pattern above that the color change is no longer a straight line. Hopefully that will help blend the colors a little better. My medium grey should have been a bit darker, too.

You can stitch the pattern in any color you want, using three shades that blend well into each other, or you can stitch it using one single color.

Download the pattern with the link below.

Avengers Emblem Pattern

As with all the other Avengers emblems, the pattern was created on size 10 canvas which results in a square of just over 5 inches. I stitched mine on size 7 canvas giving me a square of 7 1/4 inches. If you use size 10 canvas, make sure you use a light weight yarn to accommodate the smaller holes.