Avengers Emblems: Black Widow

Natalia Romanoff, aka Black Widow, is one of the founding members of the Avengers and a former special agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. This plastic canvas emblem is for this secretive, mysterious, but tough as nails Avenger.

Black Widow Pattern teaserThe pattern was created as a size 10 plastic canvas pattern. I stitched mine using the standard size 7 plastic canvas so it ended up being 7 1/4 inches square instead of the 5 inch square. If you are using size 10 canvas, make sure you use a lighter weight yarn.

Download the pattern below.

Black Widow Emblem Pattern

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Avengers Emblems: Thor

For the Thor plastic canvas emblem, I went with an image of his mighty hammer, Mjölnir (pronounced roughly as MIOL-neer). His hammer’s name means lightning, and we all know how Thor can summon up a bolt of lightning with the help of Mjölnir to strike his enemies with.

Thor emblem pattern teaser

Cut your canvas and stitch according to the pattern below.

Thor Emblem Pattern

Using size 7 plastic canvas will result in a square about 7 1/4 inches while the pattern was made on size 10 plastic canvas making a square of just over 5 inches. Remember to use lighter weight yarn if you use size 10 canvas.

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