Dory Plastic Canvas Box

I had already created this Dory plastic canvas box for a Disney themed letterboxing event that I am hosting in a few months when I was contacted by one of my blogging friends. She issued an invitation to join 29 other bloggers in celebrating the release of Finding Dory throughout the entire month of June. Click here to see all of the other amazing posts. A big thanks to Becca at Love Our Crazy Life for hosting and organizing this blogger collaboration!

To start, download the instructions using the link below.

Dory Box Instructions

I always start with the lid when I make these boxes because once I have the lid done, I really don’t have to look at the pattern anymore.

Download the lid pattern with the following links:

Dory box lid pattern

Dory lid sides pattern

I didn’t list the colors I used because they were all scraps and I didn’t have the exact names. Use the colors that you feel best work for Dory. If you don’t like the bright orange box, pick any color you like that works.

When you get done stitching your lid together, it should look like the photo below. You’ll notice this isn’t Dory. I had already finished the Dory box before I found out about this 30 days of Dory blogging collaboration and so didn’t have step by step pictures of her box.

box top underside not attachedThe very top row of stitching will be shorter than the rest of the pattern.

box top back last row stitchingNext you will need to stitch the box itself. Download the pattern using the following link.

Dory Box pattern

Your pattern should look like this when finished.

Dory Stitch pattern close up

Once you have all of the box sides stitched and the bottom cut (don’t stitch the bottom) line up the pieces like in the photo below. Make sure that the back of your sides will all face in once the box is put together.

Plastic Canvas Box bottom piecingStitch the box sides together following the instructions in the first download, leaving the back piece without an overcast stitch.

box bottom attaching the sides

box bottom attaching the sides second picbox bottom no overcast on back top

All that is left to do is attach the lid to the box. Because the lid is wider so that it will sit on the box correctly, you will need to overcast two stitches on either side of the back of the lid before using a whip stitch to attach it to the box.

Dory box open

Now you’re ready to fill your box with all your Dory toys! Don’t forget to check out the post from the other 29 bloggers participating in this month of Dory!