Minion Captain America Plastic Canvas

I love minions! They are adorable and funny and I want a whole army of them. Unfortunately they aren’t real. I suppose I will have to settle for making all the plastic canvas minions I can handle.

This fun little Avengers themed minion took me less than an hour to make from cutting to stitching.

captain america minionDownload the pattern below:

Minion Captain American Pattern

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Plastic Canvas Minions!

Who doesn’t love those little yellow minions? Physcos, that’s who. Come on, everyone loves these little guys. I have some mini figure minions on my desk to brighten it up. My phone case even combines minions with my favorite fandom, Harry Potter. Yep, I have a Harry Potter minion on my phone.

One of the things I like about these minions is, you can easily change who has the hair. The patterns are almost exactly the same so it’s easy to put hair on any of them.

minionsI made mine into cute little magnets. I just love these guys! You could use the pattern to make bookmarks or coasters. Use your imagination!

For the edge, I just used whatever scrap pieces of yarn I had laying around. I’m not sure I really like the sage green color and the white is a little bright, but I’m okay with it.

Here’s the link to the pdf for the pattern.

Minions Pattern

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