Hunger Games Word-search Puzzle

Hey there, Tributes! Are you going through Hunger Games withdrawals now that the movies are all over? Well, no fear. I created a puzzle to help ease your pain.

Word-searches are by far the easiest puzzles to make by hand. This is the one kind of puzzle that I wouldn’t feel I was cheating if I used a computer program to create the puzzle. But I don’t. I like to add little hidden things in the puzzle that aren’t on the word list. Things like actors or actresses names, or sometimes I’ll slip something in from another fandom. These things aren’t always easy to find. They don’t always run in a straight line, sometimes they even skip over a letter. But I have fun putting these in nonetheless.

The answer page may be a little hard to follow, but I have faith that you won’t be needing it. Have fun!

Hunger Games wordsearch

Hunger Games wordsearch answers


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