The Big Bang Theory Wordsearch

The Big Bang Theory is one of those shows that people either love or hate. While I can understand the arguments against the show (nerds being shown in a stereotypical way), I relate so much to the characters that I absolutely love the show. This Big Bang Theory wordsearch is just the ticket to help pass the time until the next season starts.

Go ahead and download the puzzle, and answers if needed, by clicking on the links below.




Big Bang Theory Plastic Canvas

I LOVE the Big Bang Theory show and thought it would be fun to create a plastic canvas project featuring the guys. I’m sure you’ve all seen the Beatles hair look-a-like art using Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj’s hair. I took that and made a pattern for you!

BBT pattern teaserI chose to stitch mine on size 14 canvas. I’ve only ever used size 7 canvas before and wanted to try something else. Size 14 it tiny! You have to use embroidery thread instead of yarn. I’m not really sold on size 14 yet, but it was nice to try something new. Check out the size difference below.


The pattern lists what the dimensions of your finished project will be using size 14, 10, and 7 canvas. You pick the size and have fun!

I tried to use colors that I felt each character wore often for the background of their individual section. Feel free to change the colors or even use one color for the entire background.

Click on the link below to download the pattern.

Big Bang Theory Hairstyles pattern