Avengers Emblems: Thor

For the Thor plastic canvas emblem, I went with an image of his mighty hammer, Mjölnir (pronounced roughly as MIOL-neer). His hammer’s name means lightning, and we all know how Thor can summon up a bolt of lightning with the help of Mjölnir to strike his enemies with.

Thor emblem pattern teaser

Cut your canvas and stitch according to the pattern below.

Thor Emblem Pattern

Using size 7 plastic canvas will result in a square about 7 1/4 inches while the pattern was made on size 10 plastic canvas making a square of just over 5 inches. Remember to use lighter weight yarn if you use size 10 canvas.

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Avengers Emblems: The Hulk

When deciding what to do for the Hulk plastic canvas emblem, I went with the bio hazard design instead of the green fist. I will most likely revisit the Avengers emblems and do some of the other versions in the future.

As with the other Avengers emblems, the pattern was created on size 10 plastic canvas graph and so it shows the square being just over 5 inches. I stitch the majority of my plastic canvas on size 7 so the finished product comes out at about 7 1/4 inches.

hulk partial pattern

You’ll use three different shades of green for this one; spring green, paddy green, and hunter green. I forgot to put on the pattern the size you will cut, 51 x 51 holes. Download the full pattern using the link below.

Hulk Emblem Pattern

Have fun! Be sure to check out all the other Avengers emblems!

Avengers Emblems: Captain America

What better way to kick off an Avengers set than with a Captain America plastic canvas pattern? I mean, he is the first Avenger after all!

This pattern required a bit more focus when I was stitching. Usually I can put a project down and easily pick it back up a few hours later or even the next day. I actually had to mark off what rows I had already stitched on my pattern so I could keep track of where I was.

I was sure glad when I got the red and the inner blue done. Having that much done meant I no longer had to focus so much on the pattern. I just had to fill the inner areas with white and the four corners with blue.

almost doneIf you look closely at my hand-drawn pattern in the photo above, you will see where I was marking off my rows.

The finished product produces a square of about 7 1/4 inch when using size 7 canvas. The pattern was made on size 10 canvas so the ruler measurements on the side show a 5 inch square.

Click the link below to download the pattern.

Captain America Emblem Pattern

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