Plastic Canvas Batman Emblem

I created this Batman plastic canvas to go along with the Superman plastic canvas I had previously done. These ended up being gifts for my twin nephews on their first birthday. There’s a running joke about how their dad wanted to name them Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. I’ve had fun with this and have given them other Batman and Superman themed gifts.

Batman and Superman Plastic CanvasYou’ll notice on the pattern that only the yellow part of the bat signal is done in a single tent stitch. The black is all done as gobelin stitches. I do this for two reasons: First, it is so much faster! Tent stitches take forever when you are working with a piece this large. Second, it makes the design pop when you switch the kind of stitches up a bit.

Batman plastic canvas pattern

Enjoy the pattern listed below for your downloading purposes!

Batman Plastic Canvas Pattern

Let me know in the comments how it goes!

2 thoughts on “Plastic Canvas Batman Emblem”

  1. Hi my name is Marlene. An I was happy to see someone else likes to make plastic canvas patterns of Batman. I use to make my patterns but now I have bad arthritis in both my hands. I was upset when I couldn’t make patterns anymore. Would you make the Batman one for me an I will pay for it. Please let me know if you would. Plastic canvas lover. Marlene. MCast23277@hotmail. Com

    1. I’m sorry to hear that your arthritis prevents you from working plastic canvas. Unfortunately, making and selling my crafts isn’t something I do. I simply don’t have time. I’m constantly working on an average of 5 projects for this blog at a time. With a full time job and active participation in hosting a yearly event, the time just isn’t there. Hopefully you can find a friend willing to make it for you. Best of luck!

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