Harry Potter Framework Puzzle


Have you ever used one of those websites where you can create a word puzzle by simply putting in the words you want used and click “create”? Have you ever looked at the puzzle it created and go “What happened to half of the words I submitted?” Well, I have. I’ve used a few of those online free puzzle creators and have never been satisfied with the results. My solution: I make them myself by hand.

I started doing this when I needed some puzzles that revealed codes for a letterboxing event that I was hosting. You can’t exactly tell one of those online puzzle makers to work a code into the form of the puzzle. When I started to create my own using graph paper, pencil, and a good eraser I found that I enjoyed making my own puzzles. They could be as hard or as easy as I needed them to be and could be tailored to fit my specific needs.

My family and friends have grown accustomed to me handing them a puzzle and saying “Hey, do this and tell me if I need to fix anything.” They’ve been good sports and tell me where there are problems in my creations. Every now and then, a problem slips through the cracks. If you come upon one, please let me know so I can fix it.

Here’s my Harry Potter Framework puzzle. Enjoy! Let me know in the comments if you liked working this puzzle or if you would like to see one similar to it for a different fandom.

Harry Potter Framework

Harry Potter Framework Answers


Plastic Canvas Superman Emblem



Here is a fun plastic canvas project for the superhero fan in your life (or you, I know you want this for yourself but you just wont admit it)! I framed mine with a mat and simply removed the glass from the picture frame. You might decide to leave the glass in to keep the dust off the emblem. I wanted the texture of the stitching to be more visible and so left the glass out.

The link for the pattern is listed below:

Superman emblem


You’ll notice on the pattern that the blue border around the emblem is shown as single length tent stitches. To save time I stitched the blue to cover the length of the diagonal line. Doing so speeds up the process and makes the emblem stand out a bit more. You can do it as single length stitches, but it will take much more time.

The finished project will measure roughly 7 3/4 in wide x 6 1/8 in high. You can make this smaller by using 10 count plastic canvas instead of the standard 7 count.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with mine. Maybe my nephew will like it for his birthday. Maybe I’ll put it with something else and do a giveaway!

Happy crafting!

Let me know in the comments how it turns out!