Minion Captain America Plastic Canvas

I love minions! They are adorable and funny and I want a whole army of them. Unfortunately they aren’t real. I suppose I will have to settle for making all the plastic canvas minions I can handle.

This fun little Avengers themed minion took me less than an hour to make from cutting to stitching.

captain america minionDownload the pattern below:

Minion Captain American Pattern

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Percy Jackson Word Games

Hey campers! Are you ready for a Percy themed puzzle? Good! I had a fun time creating this puzzle. This is the first of it’s kind that I’ve done and I was a little worried about how it would turn out. I worried for nothing, this was easy to create and I only had two mistakes (that I caught) to fix when I tested the puzzle.

Percy Jackson Puzzle TeaserDownload the puzzle with the link below:

Percy Jackson Word Games

Percy Jackson Word Games Answers

Need just a bit of help to get you started? The link below has the answer to the first clue filled in for you.

Percy Jackson Word Games first answer

Well, like always, I hope you had fun!

Until next time!

Plastic Canvas Batman Emblem

I created this Batman plastic canvas to go along with the Superman plastic canvas I had previously done. These ended up being gifts for my twin nephews on their first birthday. There’s a running joke about how their dad wanted to name them Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. I’ve had fun with this and have given them other Batman and Superman themed gifts.

Batman and Superman Plastic CanvasYou’ll notice on the pattern that only the yellow part of the bat signal is done in a single tent stitch. The black is all done as gobelin stitches. I do this for two reasons: First, it is so much faster! Tent stitches take forever when you are working with a piece this large. Second, it makes the design pop when you switch the kind of stitches up a bit.

Batman plastic canvas pattern

Enjoy the pattern listed below for your downloading purposes!

Batman Plastic Canvas Pattern

Let me know in the comments how it goes!

Disney Movie Word Search

I’m a huge Disney fan. In fact, I created this puzzle because I’m hosting a Disney themed letterboxing event this year. Letterboxers will have to solve puzzles in order to unlock the boxes containing the stamps. This is one of the puzzles.

I’ve hidden a secret code in the puzzle. This is the code that, at the event, will unlock the box. But this code is a special one. Once you’ve completed the puzzle, follow the instructions to reveal the code. Do you know why this code is special? If so, you are a true Disney fan.

Without further delay, here is the link to the puzzle.

Disney Movie Word Search

I don’t have an answer sheet, so you’re on your own with this one.

Please don’t post why the code is special in the comments. Let’s not ruin it for anybody.

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Harry Potter String Art

Have you seen those string art images of your home state or a heart plastered all over Pinterest? Have you seen any that are the least bit geeky? I haven’t. I had never made one of these before now but I wanted to represent my favorite fandom by making the symbol of the Deathly Hallows.


Board big enough for your image

Printed image

Scissors/Craft knife


Nails–make sure your nail has a good lip on the head. Mine didn’t have much of a lip and it caused some problems when I was putting the string on

String in the color(s) of your choice

HP String art image Once you have your image cut out, position it on your board. I used some washi tape to hold the image down. I went with washi tape because (1) it was on hand and (2) it doesn’t pull up the paint/stain on the board.

Start pounding in nails! This felt like it took forever. I had to spread it out over a few days because it made my tennis elbow kick in big time. I also had to use pliers to hold the nails because they were too small for me to hold with my fingers.HP String art nailsYou can see in the picture above that I’m almost done pounding in the nails! Yay! It was easy to tell if a nail wasn’t pounded in well because it would pop out while hammering in another nail.

Once you have all your nails in, and there aren’t any loose nails, remove your image.

HP string art no stringIt’s time to start winding your string around the nails. I used a slip knot to start my string out. You’ll notice that I used a heavier string (as opposed to thread) and that it had variegated colors.

The Puzzling Crafter: HP string artThis was a bit frustrating. As I mentioned earlier, my nails didn’t have a large enough lip on the head to keep the string from slipping off.

Finally done!

HP String Art finished

I added a quote to the bottom by transferring printed words onto the wood. I tested this out on the back of the board a few times to get it down. I’m no expert on wood transfers, and you may notice the error I made.

Wood Transfer ErrorCheck out the word “enemy”. Yup, I had a spelling error that I didn’t catch during all my trials on the back of the board. I had it as “emeny” but was at least able to wipe away half of the “m” so that it wasn’t quite as bad of an error. There wasn’t anything I could do to fix the rest of the word. Oh well, lesson learned.

I would love to see what you make! Let me know in the comments how it goes for you or if you have any tips to add!

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Hunger Games Word-search Puzzle

Hey there, Tributes! Are you going through Hunger Games withdrawals now that the movies are all over? Well, no fear. I created a puzzle to help ease your pain.

Word-searches are by far the easiest puzzles to make by hand. This is the one kind of puzzle that I wouldn’t feel I was cheating if I used a computer program to create the puzzle. But I don’t. I like to add little hidden things in the puzzle that aren’t on the word list. Things like actors or actresses names, or sometimes I’ll slip something in from another fandom. These things aren’t always easy to find. They don’t always run in a straight line, sometimes they even skip over a letter. But I have fun putting these in nonetheless.

The answer page may be a little hard to follow, but I have faith that you won’t be needing it. Have fun!

Hunger Games wordsearch

Hunger Games wordsearch answers


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Plastic Canvas Minions!

Who doesn’t love those little yellow minions? Physcos, that’s who. Come on, everyone loves these little guys. I have some mini figure minions on my desk to brighten it up. My phone case even combines minions with my favorite fandom, Harry Potter. Yep, I have a Harry Potter minion on my phone.

One of the things I like about these minions is, you can easily change who has the hair. The patterns are almost exactly the same so it’s easy to put hair on any of them.

minionsI made mine into cute little magnets. I just love these guys! You could use the pattern to make bookmarks or coasters. Use your imagination!

For the edge, I just used whatever scrap pieces of yarn I had laying around. I’m not sure I really like the sage green color and the white is a little bright, but I’m okay with it.

Here’s the link to the pdf for the pattern.

Minions Pattern

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DIY Lord of the Rings Lamp

This lamp is the perfect, subtle, decorative item for the Lord of the Rings fan in us all. Don’t deny it. You know you love LOTR just as much as the next person.

So, do you want to learn how to make this? Well then, let’s get started.

First off, supplies.

lotr lamp 1Try and get a lampshade that is more cylindrical instead of cone-like. In other words, you want the diameter of the openings to be as close as possible. This will make it easier to lay your image on the lampshade. My shade had a slight difference in size, top to bottom, and my image would go a little sideways. It’s easier if you don’t have to adjust the image while you’re poking the holes.

You can buy fabric paint if you like, but I used Rit dye. The dye is cheaper than buying special fabric paint and I could adjust the shade to my liking. I went with scarlet. At first, I mixed too much water with some of the powder and the lampshade came out a little pink when it dried. No problem though, all I had to do was mix a darker batch and paint the shade again.

You will also need something to mix the dye in (I suggest something you can throw away), a paint brush, some tape, and a pushpin.

lotr lamp 2I ended up using a tablespoon of dye powder mixed with about half a cup of warm water (you want to use warm water to help dissolve the dye). You might start out with more water and see how the color looks. Like me, you can always go back and darken it up. I actually had to paint on three layers.

lotr lamp 3Hanging out in the sun to help it dry faster.

While the lampshade is drying, go print out your image. I just googled “the one ring inscription” and found what I was looking for in a snap.

Once dry, you can place your image on the lampshade. I used washi tape because it comes up easily without tearing and I could easily re-position the image if needed.

lotr lamp 4Take your pushpin and start poking away, following the lines of your image. This was the most tiring part. The lampshade was a little tougher than I anticipated, but once I got going there was no stopping me.

It was kind of cool to peel back the image and see the progress I was making.

lotr lamp 5lotr lamp 6

At last I was done! I assembled my lamp and turned it on to see the results.

lotr lamp 7Like I said at the beginning, subtle. It doesn’t blaze bright or project the image onto the wall. What it does is add a little bit of LOTR into my everyday life.

lotr lamp 8Let me know in the comments how yours turns out!

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Harry Potter Framework Puzzle


Have you ever used one of those websites where you can create a word puzzle by simply putting in the words you want used and click “create”? Have you ever looked at the puzzle it created and go “What happened to half of the words I submitted?” Well, I have. I’ve used a few of those online free puzzle creators and have never been satisfied with the results. My solution: I make them myself by hand.

I started doing this when I needed some puzzles that revealed codes for a letterboxing event that I was hosting. You can’t exactly tell one of those online puzzle makers to work a code into the form of the puzzle. When I started to create my own using graph paper, pencil, and a good eraser I found that I enjoyed making my own puzzles. They could be as hard or as easy as I needed them to be and could be tailored to fit my specific needs.

My family and friends have grown accustomed to me handing them a puzzle and saying “Hey, do this and tell me if I need to fix anything.” They’ve been good sports and tell me where there are problems in my creations. Every now and then, a problem slips through the cracks. If you come upon one, please let me know so I can fix it.

Here’s my Harry Potter Framework puzzle. Enjoy! Let me know in the comments if you liked working this puzzle or if you would like to see one similar to it for a different fandom.

Harry Potter Framework

Harry Potter Framework Answers


Plastic Canvas Superman Emblem



Here is a fun plastic canvas project for the superhero fan in your life (or you, I know you want this for yourself but you just wont admit it)! I framed mine with a mat and simply removed the glass from the picture frame. You might decide to leave the glass in to keep the dust off the emblem. I wanted the texture of the stitching to be more visible and so left the glass out.

The link for the pattern is listed below:

Superman emblem


You’ll notice on the pattern that the blue border around the emblem is shown as single length tent stitches. To save time I stitched the blue to cover the length of the diagonal line. Doing so speeds up the process and makes the emblem stand out a bit more. You can do it as single length stitches, but it will take much more time.

The finished project will measure roughly 7 3/4 in wide x 6 1/8 in high. You can make this smaller by using 10 count plastic canvas instead of the standard 7 count.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with mine. Maybe my nephew will like it for his birthday. Maybe I’ll put it with something else and do a giveaway!

Happy crafting!

Let me know in the comments how it turns out!