Avengers Emblems: Captain America

What better way to kick off an Avengers set than with a Captain America plastic canvas pattern? I mean, he is the first Avenger after all!

This pattern required a bit more focus when I was stitching. Usually I can put a project down and easily pick it back up a few hours later or even the next day. I actually had to mark off what rows I had already stitched on my pattern so I could keep track of where I was.

I was sure glad when I got the red and the inner blue done. Having that much done meant I no longer had to focus so much on the pattern. I just had to fill the inner areas with white and the four corners with blue.

almost doneIf you look closely at my hand-drawn pattern in the photo above, you will see where I was marking off my rows.

The finished product produces a square of about 7 1/4 inch when using size 7 canvas. The pattern was made on size 10 canvas so the ruler measurements on the side show a 5 inch square.

Click the link below to download the pattern.

Captain America Emblem Pattern

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Doctor Who Wordsearch

Here’s a quick and easy puzzle for you! But don’t just search for the words in the list, check out what else you can find! I love putting in things from other fandoms in my wordsearches. How many extras can you find?

Doctor Who Wordsearch TeaserIf you’re ready to dive in, just click on the download below.

Doctor Who Wordsearch

And though I’m sure you won’t be needing it, here’s the answers.

Doctor Who Wordsearch Answers

Have fun!

Disney Framework–Difficulty: Hard

I created this puzzle almost a year ago for a Disney themed event I’m hosting later this year. It turned out to be too difficult for what I need. In fact, it is impossible to finish without a few letters put in for you.

As usual, I gave the puzzle to my sister to try. When she came back 45 minutes later with only one third of the puzzle done and a frustrated look on her face I knew I couldn’t use this for my event. That doesn’t mean I can’t put it out here for you to try! She also pointed out that one of the characters I included isn’t a Disney character. A quick glance told me she was right. I wonder if you will be able to spot the name? There’s only one that doesn’t belong. Do you know all of the characters? If so, you are a true Disney fan.

Disney Framework--Hard partial teaserAs I said before, some of the letters have been filled in for you. You will have to jump around quite a bit to complete this puzzle.

Good luck!

Disney Framework Puzzle–Hard

Disney Framework Puzzle–Hard Answers

Lord of the Rings Word Games

If you’re a Ringer this puzzle will be a piece of lembas bread. If you don’t even know what lembas bread is, then maybe this puzzle isn’t for you. Then again, you might like a good Google challenge, so on second thought, go ahead and try this puzzle out.

The quote that you will discover was taken out of The Return of the King by J.R.R. Tolkien. A version of this quote is said in the movie but I preferred the book version.

LORD OF THE RINGS TEASERGo ahead and click on the first link below to download the puzzle.

Lord of the Rings Word Games

And here is the link for the answers

Lord of the Rings Word Games-Answers

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Mario Plastic Canvas Magnets Set 5

If you’ve been following along for the last few weeks, then you know this is the final set in the Super Mario magnets. I’m not saying that there will never be another set of Mario themed plastic canvas. I’m just saying that for now, I’m done and ready to move on to something else.

Mario and Luigi are quite big compared to the rest of the magnets so plan on some extra time to complete these ones.

marioluigiClick on the download below for the pattern.

mario pc pattern

luigi pc pattern








Mario Plastic Canvas Magnets Set 4

Set 4 of the Super Mario magnets is here! These ones are a bit bigger then all of the previous sets (excluding the green pipe from set 2).  This set includes a piranha plant, Yoshi, and a cannon. I had left these sitting out at home and came home to find my 29 year old nephew playing with all the various magnets I had done. Bullet Bill wasn’t out with the rest so he was using the koopa shell from set 3 and pretending to shoot it out of the cannon. Silly man.

mario 5.1 mario 5.2 mario 5.3Click on the download below to get the pattern:

mario pc pattern set 4

Just one more set to go! Can you guess what it will be?


Mario Plastic Canvas Magnets Set 3

Here is the third installment of the Mario magnets! There will be a total of five posts, so only two more to go!

Today’s set brings you the fire and ice flowers, brown mushroom, bullet, a koopa shell, and a ground block.

Stitch multiple ground blocks in order to create a great looking Super Mario scene.

mario 4.1mario 4.2mario 4.3The links for the patterns are listed below:

mario set 3 pc pattern

mario pc pattern set 3.1


Mario Plastic Canvas Magnets Set 2

Here we go with set 2 of the Mario game magnets! Today I’ve got some basics for you: coins, bricks, and a green pipe. With two sets completed now, I have been able to start creating a “scene” of a possible game level.

Mario set2 pic2Mario set2 pic1

I didn’t have a color that I liked for the mystery brick, but I think it turned out okay. I was very satisfied with the coins and the pipe. As you can see in the photos above, I outlined the coins with white yarn and all the others with black yarn.

Click on the link below to get the pattern for set 2!

Mario pc pattern set 2


Mario Plastic Canvas Magnets Set 1

I’ve started making these magnets in the hopes that when I am finished, I can create a whole “scene” from a Mario game. I’m not sure how many sets will follow, but be sure to stay tuned for more.







So far I have the extra life mushroom, super star, bomb, Yoshi egg, cloud, and the grow mushroom. The mushrooms have a white whip stitch around the edges while the others all have black. I think that I prefer the white.

Mario magnet plastic canvas pattern

Click on the download below to get the full pattern.

Mario set 1 pattern

Enjoy as always!


Star Trek TNG Framework Puzzle

Growing up, I used to stay up past my bedtime to watch Star Trek The Next Generation with my big brother. The show came on at 9:00 every night (my bedtime) and lasted an hour. I bonded with my brother over this show so it has a special place in my heart.

This puzzle gave me some trouble. I couldn’t seem to get the words to fit together. I had to start over more than once but I finally got a puzzle that worked.

Star Trek TNG partialI hope you enjoy solving this framework!

Star Trek TNG Framework

Star Trek TNG Framework Answers