Mario Plastic Canvas Magnets Set 4

Set 4 of the Super Mario magnets is here! These ones are a bit bigger then all of the previous sets (excluding the green pipe from set 2).  This set includes a piranha plant, Yoshi, and a cannon. I had left these sitting out at home and came home to find my 29 year old nephew playing with all the various magnets I had done. Bullet Bill wasn’t out with the rest so he was using the koopa shell from set 3 and pretending to shoot it out of the cannon. Silly man.

mario 5.1 mario 5.2 mario 5.3Click on the download below to get the pattern:

mario pc pattern set 4

Just one more set to go! Can you guess what it will be?


Mario Plastic Canvas Magnets Set 3

Here is the third installment of the Mario magnets! There will be a total of five posts, so only two more to go!

Today’s set brings you the fire and ice flowers, brown mushroom, bullet, a koopa shell, and a ground block.

Stitch multiple ground blocks in order to create a great looking Super Mario scene.

mario 4.1mario 4.2mario 4.3The links for the patterns are listed below:

mario set 3 pc pattern

mario pc pattern set 3.1


Mario Plastic Canvas Magnets Set 2

Here we go with set 2 of the Mario game magnets! Today I’ve got some basics for you: coins, bricks, and a green pipe. With two sets completed now, I have been able to start creating a “scene” of a possible game level.

Mario set2 pic2Mario set2 pic1

I didn’t have a color that I liked for the mystery brick, but I think it turned out okay. I was very satisfied with the coins and the pipe. As you can see in the photos above, I outlined the coins with white yarn and all the others with black yarn.

Click on the link below to get the pattern for set 2!

Mario pc pattern set 2


Mario Plastic Canvas Magnets Set 1

I’ve started making these magnets in the hopes that when I am finished, I can create a whole “scene” from a Mario game. I’m not sure how many sets will follow, but be sure to stay tuned for more.







So far I have the extra life mushroom, super star, bomb, Yoshi egg, cloud, and the grow mushroom. The mushrooms have a white whip stitch around the edges while the others all have black. I think that I prefer the white.

Mario magnet plastic canvas pattern

Click on the download below to get the full pattern.

Mario set 1 pattern

Enjoy as always!


Star Trek TNG Framework Puzzle

Growing up, I used to stay up past my bedtime to watch Star Trek The Next Generation with my big brother. The show came on at 9:00 every night (my bedtime) and lasted an hour. I bonded with my brother over this show so it has a special place in my heart.

This puzzle gave me some trouble. I couldn’t seem to get the words to fit together. I had to start over more than once but I finally got a puzzle that worked.

Star Trek TNG partialI hope you enjoy solving this framework!

Star Trek TNG Framework

Star Trek TNG Framework Answers


Minion Captain America Plastic Canvas

I love minions! They are adorable and funny and I want a whole army of them. Unfortunately they aren’t real. I suppose I will have to settle for making all the plastic canvas minions I can handle.

This fun little Avengers themed minion took me less than an hour to make from cutting to stitching.

captain america minionDownload the pattern below:

Minion Captain American Pattern

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Percy Jackson Word Games

Hey campers! Are you ready for a Percy themed puzzle? Good! I had a fun time creating this puzzle. This is the first of it’s kind that I’ve done and I was a little worried about how it would turn out. I worried for nothing, this was easy to create and I only had two mistakes (that I caught) to fix when I tested the puzzle.

Percy Jackson Puzzle TeaserDownload the puzzle with the link below:

Percy Jackson Word Games

Percy Jackson Word Games Answers

Need just a bit of help to get you started? The link below has the answer to the first clue filled in for you.

Percy Jackson Word Games first answer

Well, like always, I hope you had fun!

Until next time!

Plastic Canvas Batman Emblem

I created this Batman plastic canvas to go along with the Superman plastic canvas I had previously done. These ended up being gifts for my twin nephews on their first birthday. There’s a running joke about how their dad wanted to name them Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. I’ve had fun with this and have given them other Batman and Superman themed gifts.

Batman and Superman Plastic CanvasYou’ll notice on the pattern that only the yellow part of the bat signal is done in a single tent stitch. The black is all done as gobelin stitches. I do this for two reasons: First, it is so much faster! Tent stitches take forever when you are working with a piece this large. Second, it makes the design pop when you switch the kind of stitches up a bit.

Batman plastic canvas pattern

Enjoy the pattern listed below for your downloading purposes!

Batman Plastic Canvas Pattern

Let me know in the comments how it goes!

Disney Movie Word Search

I’m a huge Disney fan. In fact, I created this puzzle because I’m hosting a Disney themed letterboxing event this year. Letterboxers will have to solve puzzles in order to unlock the boxes containing the stamps. This is one of the puzzles.

I’ve hidden a secret code in the puzzle. This is the code that, at the event, will unlock the box. But this code is a special one. Once you’ve completed the puzzle, follow the instructions to reveal the code. Do you know why this code is special? If so, you are a true Disney fan.

Without further delay, here is the link to the puzzle.

Disney Movie Word Search

I don’t have an answer sheet, so you’re on your own with this one.

Please don’t post why the code is special in the comments. Let’s not ruin it for anybody.

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Harry Potter String Art

Have you seen those string art images of your home state or a heart plastered all over Pinterest? Have you seen any that are the least bit geeky? I haven’t. I had never made one of these before now but I wanted to represent my favorite fandom by making the symbol of the Deathly Hallows.


Board big enough for your image

Printed image

Scissors/Craft knife


Nails–make sure your nail has a good lip on the head. Mine didn’t have much of a lip and it caused some problems when I was putting the string on

String in the color(s) of your choice

HP String art image Once you have your image cut out, position it on your board. I used some washi tape to hold the image down. I went with washi tape because (1) it was on hand and (2) it doesn’t pull up the paint/stain on the board.

Start pounding in nails! This felt like it took forever. I had to spread it out over a few days because it made my tennis elbow kick in big time. I also had to use pliers to hold the nails because they were too small for me to hold with my fingers.HP String art nailsYou can see in the picture above that I’m almost done pounding in the nails! Yay! It was easy to tell if a nail wasn’t pounded in well because it would pop out while hammering in another nail.

Once you have all your nails in, and there aren’t any loose nails, remove your image.

HP string art no stringIt’s time to start winding your string around the nails. I used a slip knot to start my string out. You’ll notice that I used a heavier string (as opposed to thread) and that it had variegated colors.

The Puzzling Crafter: HP string artThis was a bit frustrating. As I mentioned earlier, my nails didn’t have a large enough lip on the head to keep the string from slipping off.

Finally done!

HP String Art finished

I added a quote to the bottom by transferring printed words onto the wood. I tested this out on the back of the board a few times to get it down. I’m no expert on wood transfers, and you may notice the error I made.

Wood Transfer ErrorCheck out the word “enemy”. Yup, I had a spelling error that I didn’t catch during all my trials on the back of the board. I had it as “emeny” but was at least able to wipe away half of the “m” so that it wasn’t quite as bad of an error. There wasn’t anything I could do to fix the rest of the word. Oh well, lesson learned.

I would love to see what you make! Let me know in the comments how it goes for you or if you have any tips to add!

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