Divergent Wordsearch

Veronica Roth’s Divergent series has continuously grown in popularity the last few years. Fans of dystopian novels, such as The Hunger Games, greedily read every book and novella associated with Roth’s world.

This wordsearch is a medium level difficulty and a good brain exercise. Click on the link below to download or print the puzzle.




Slytherin Plastic Canvas Bookmark

Slytherins read too (though I’m not so sure about Crabbe and Goyle), so treat the Slytherin in your life to this bookmark. Don’t have a Slytherin in your life? Well, it’s time to get off your high Gryffindor horse (I mean that in the nicest way. Hey, I am a Hufflepuff) and go make some Slytherin friends. After all, they’re not all bad.

This is a quick and easy pattern using size 10 plastic canvas and two colors of DMC embroidery floss. Click on the link below to get the full pattern and DMC floss numbers.

Slytherin Plastic Canvas Bookmark Pattern

Veronica Mars Word Scramble

I was hooked on Veronica Mars from the first episode. It was Nancy Drew meets pop culture spewing, sassy, fearless seventeen year-old girl. I couldn’t even begin to count the number of times I have re-watched this series which, in my opinion, should have lasted more than three years.

Yep, I’m a true Marshmallow (that’s what fans of this series are called, FYI).

So, if you’re a true Marshmallow, you’ll have no trouble unscrambling the words in this puzzle (mostly character names) and figuring out the quote.

To download and print the puzzle and/or the answers, simply click on the link(s) below.

Veronica Mars Word Scramble

Veronica Mars Word Scramble Answers

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Ravenclaw Plastic Canvas Bookmark

Here is a fast and easy pattern for creating a Ravenclaw bookmark with plastic canvas and DMC embroidery thread. For the experienced plastic canvas maker, the bookmark should only take two to three hours (if that).

I used the bronze and blue from the books as opposed to the silver and blue from the movies.

Without further ado, here is your pattern download:

Ravenclaw Bookmark Pattern

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Wordsearch

I am not ashamed to admit that I love Joss Wheadon’s world of vampires, demons, and scoobies. Buffy is sassy, strong, and flawed. She needs her circle of friends. Whithout them she would have died at the Master’s hands (or fangs) in the first season.

This word search has a massive 78 words, mostly character names, from the seven season run the show had. There are many letters that overlap for multiple words. Even I had a hard time finding some of the words when I tested the puzzle out, and I created it! For that reason, there is an answer download that, while it is still hard to look at, will at least show you what letters are used.



Have fun!

Plastic Canvas Castle Trinket Box

I was so sad to watch the last episode of Castle, knowing that there wouldn’t be any more. I created this Castle plastic canvas box because I just love the logo the show used. For those who haven’t watched the show, Richard Castle is a mystery author who assists the NYPD in solving homicide cases. The best part is, Nathan Fillion plays the main character!

While stitching this box, I forgot to keep track of how much DMC floss I used of each color. That is just something I will have to keep in mind for future projects.

Download the pattern below and have fun creating this box.

Castle PC Box Pattern

Hufflepuff Plastic Canvas Bookmark

When I first joined Pottermore and was sorted, I was put in Hufflepuff. I admit I was a little disappointed at first. It didn’t take long before I discovered my house pride, however. Fast forward a couple of years. I hadn’t been on Pottermore for quite a while and couldn’t remember my log in or even what e-mail address I had used. I decided to just create a new log in and retake the sorting quiz. A lot had changed on Pottermore in the time since I had last been on, including the sorting quiz. To my disappointment I was now sorted into Ravenclaw. I’ve decided to consider myself a Hufflepuff with Ravenclaw tendencies. I wanted to make bookmarks for each house and started with a Hufflepuff plastic canvas bookmark. I’ll make my way through the other houses in the coming months.

I used size 10 canvas. Instead of trying to find lightweight yarn in the right colors, I choose to use embroidery floss. I simply doubled up on the strand to make it thicker and was pleased with how it turned out. I think I will use the floss from now on when stitching size 10 canvas because you can easily find hundreds of colors.

To make your own Hufflepuff bookmark, click on the pattern below and get stitching!

Hufflepuff Bookmark Pattern

Mickey Plastic Canvas Box

Who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse? For this Mickey plastic canvas box, I’m going to refer you to my post on the Dory plastic canvas box to see the photos to guide you through putting the box together.

Once you get the sides done, they should look like this:

You will have three patterns to download: the top with Mickey’s face, the sides for the top, and the actual box. There is also an instruction sheet you can download if you need it. The yellow on the pattern for the top of the box was a bit bright, so I used a different color on the other patterns but you will want to stitch with the same color throughout. Don’t like the yellow? Pick any color you want for the background and sides.

Mickey box top pattern

Mickey top sides pattern

Mickey box bottom pattern

Mickey Box Instructions

I hope it turns out great!



The Flash Framework Puzzle

This Flash puzzle contains mostly character names with a few actor names. There are some words that aren’t names, but rather have something to do with the T.V. show The Flash. I love this show and think that Grant Gustin (Barry Allen a.k. The Flash) is completely adorkable! If you haven’t watched the show you need to.


As far as framework puzzles go, this one is pretty simple. There are two different puzzle files for download. The only difference is the “small print” download is on 1 sheet with smaller boxes where the “medium print” download is on 2 sheets with larger boxes for the answers.



And of course, the answers.



Arrow Word Search

I just finished binge watching Arrow seasons 1 through 4. In fact, I just finished watching last night. Of course I got “addicted” to the show because that’s the kind of personality I have. I wanted to make a puzzle incorporating as many character names as possible, so this Arrow word search was created.

arrow-puzzle-teaserThis is just a small section of the puzzle. To get the complete puzzle, click on the link below.

Arrow Word Search

I’m not providing the answers to word search puzzles so good luck! If you find any errors, please let me know in a comment and I will fix the mistake as soon as possible.