Gryffindor Plastic Canvas Bookmark

Okay now, all you Gryffindors can calm down. I know that I did all the other house bookmarks before you, but don’t worry because it’s finally here. Your very own Gryffindor bookmark!

These bookmarks are pretty easy to make and only take a few hours to stitch so you can make one for all of your Gryffindor friends in no time. All you have to do is download the pattern with the link below and get stitching!

Gryffindor Plastic Canvas Bookmark Pattern

Click on the “Plastic Canvas” tab at the top of the page to see the other bookmarks and more!

6 thoughts on “Gryffindor Plastic Canvas Bookmark”

    1. DMC embroidery floss is a six ply (strands) thread. When using embroidery floss on size 10 plastic canvas, I double the thread so it is now twelve ply. Hope that makes sense to you!

    1. You’ll want to start towards the middle of either the top or bottom. Come up through one of the holes on the very edge, but instead of going down another hole, wrap the thread around the edge and come up one of the holes next to the first one you came through. Continue around the boarder. On the corners, you will want to come up the same hole three times, once for the first side, the second time for the corner, and the third for the new side. Just tie it off when you are done by running the thread through some of the stitches on the back of the main part of the bookmark.

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