Firefly Framework

Like many people, I was disappointed when Fox canceled Firefly. This Firefly word puzzle will not bring the show back, but it will bring back memories of our favorite characters.

Framework puzzles are easy enough (most of the time), but I still did up an answer sheet for those who might need help. Just click on the links below to get the puzzle and answers.



Happy solving!

Gryffindor Plastic Canvas Bookmark

Okay now, all you Gryffindors can calm down. I know that I did all the other house bookmarks before you, but don’t worry because it’s finally here. Your very own Gryffindor bookmark!

These bookmarks are pretty easy to make and only take a few hours to stitch so you can make one for all of your Gryffindor friends in no time. All you have to do is download the pattern with the link below and get stitching!

Gryffindor Plastic Canvas Bookmark Pattern

Click on the “Plastic Canvas” tab at the top of the page to see the other bookmarks and more!