Buffy the Vampire Slayer Wordsearch

I am not ashamed to admit that I love Joss Wheadon’s world of vampires, demons, and scoobies. Buffy is sassy, strong, and flawed. She needs her circle of friends. Whithout them she would have died at the Master’s hands (or fangs) in the first season.

This word search has a massive 78 words, mostly character names, from the seven season run the show had. There are many letters that overlap for multiple words. Even I had a hard time finding some of the words when I tested the puzzle out, and I created it! For that reason, there is an answer download that, while it is still hard to look at, will at least show you what letters are used.



Have fun!

Plastic Canvas Castle Trinket Box

I was so sad to watch the last episode of Castle, knowing that there wouldn’t be any more. I created this Castle plastic canvas box because I just love the logo the show used. For those who haven’t watched the show, Richard Castle is a mystery author who assists the NYPD in solving homicide cases. The best part is, Nathan Fillion plays the main character!

While stitching this box, I forgot to keep track of how much DMC floss I used of each color. That is just something I will have to keep in mind for future projects.

Download the pattern below and have fun creating this box.

Castle PC Box Pattern