Arrow Word Search

I just finished binge watching Arrow seasons 1 through 4. In fact, I just finished watching last night. Of course I got “addicted” to the show because that’s the kind of personality I have. I wanted to make a puzzle incorporating as many character names as possible, so this Arrow word search was created.

arrow-puzzle-teaserThis is just a small section of the puzzle. To get the complete puzzle, click on the link below.

Arrow Word Search

I’m not providing the answers to word search puzzles so good luck! If you find any errors, please let me know in a comment and I will fix the mistake as soon as possible.

Hanjie Puzzle #1

I recently got introduced to hanjie puzzles (also known as picross, griddlers, nonograms, etc.). I made this one for my Disney theamed event I held in September of this year. Because it was used at the event, it has a three digit code worked into the puzzle. Well, I just gave you some big hints as to what to expect in this puzzle!

hanjie-1-teaserI’m not here to give you instructions on how to solve these kinds of puzzles. Honestly, the thought of trying to explain it over a blog gives me a headache. Click here to get an idea on how to solve the puzzles.

This is a colored hanjie. I suggest using erasable colored pencils to shade in the boxes. For the purpose of this puzzle, a comma after a number indicates a minimum of one blank space before the next filled in box.

There are three links for the puzzle below. The first is the blank puzzle for you to solve. The second puzzle has six boxes filled in to get you started. The third is the completed puzzle.